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Join ACADASUITE, a unique platform that support impact to 21st century educational needs in Africa.

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As A Learner, Build Indebt Academic Knowledge, Sound Comprehension In Science, Arts, Commercials, Entrepreneurial Skills And More.

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Create and sell beautiful online courses

There are people out there right now searching for information that you understand and they’re willing to pay for it. Your skills and experiences are unique and valuable. share your knowledge, and be rewarded for it!

Online Tutor; engage your learners anywhere, anytime.

We furnish teachers to empower the learners. Use our existing resources to facilitate teaching and learning process.

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Everything You Need To Engage Students And Manage Day-To-Day Activites Of The School.

e-Learning & Virtual Classroom Platform

Create and administer courses online, run live classes and conduct online tests, payments integration, etc.

Customize Learning Content

Use our trausted contents to enhance your teacher skill with thousands of assessment for students

School Management Software

Save time, cost and human resource to manage and develop schools. Teachers, Students, Parents, Finance and so on.

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