About Us

Innovating Education And Learning in Africa

Acadasuite is a digital platform that innovates learning and education in Africa. We are the No 1 platform that provide Comprehensive Educational Resources and Tools that are accessible and affordable to schools, teachers, students and parents.

ACADASUITE serves different levels of education including Pre-school, Primary, College, University, Theology, Group of Schools, etc ACADASUITE combines School Management, Inventory, Accounting, HR, Learning Management, and Virtual Classroom Systems with access to Educational Content.

ACADASUITE is the ideal partner to achieve and meet 21st century educational needs.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to support every African School to provide quality education while running seamlessly. We also provide Digital School platform to ensure that learning continues even if there is lock-down.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide Quality, Affordable and Accessible Education in Africa

School Management Software

AcadaSuite school management solution allows schools save time, cost and manage resources to develop schools. It focuses on the critical functions of running a school effectively, manages processes and operations related to Teachers, Students, Parents, Finance and so on.

ACADASUITE® is a customizable software that suits for a variety of educational institutions including: Pre-school, Primary schools, Colleges (Secondary Schools), Tertiary/Higher Education, Group of Schools, E-Governance

Save time, cost and manage resources

Unified Student, Teacher & Parent Platform

Customizable to Suit Your Educational Needs



Virtual Classroom Integration

Grading System


Learning Management System

ACADASUITE Learning Management System allows you to create, administer courses, run live classes and conduct online tests. You can even collect online payments, and deliver learning modules across mobile devices.

Virtual classrooms provide the solution for success. Adding an interpersonal online environment with robust analytics and engaging features integrable into LMS platforms offers educators new ways to connect with students and measure course effectiveness.

Live lesson, Web conferencing services, Digital Course,Video Course Library, Whiteboard, screen sharing, recording, chat.

Learning Platform

Learners can build in-depth Academic Knowledge, Sound Comprehension In Science, Arts, Commercials, Entrepreneurial Skills And More.
ACADASUITE Learning platform provides a comprehensive curriculum based content both in video and written format from Primary to Secondary Schools.

We bring together from all over Africa, educational gurus who use their expertise in various subject areas to deliver knowledge practice exercises, instructional videos, and personalized learning that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom.

Reliable Contents by Experts

Virtual Learning/Classroom

Practise, Quizzes & Exams


Coding, Game Dev, and Design Courses for your Kids

Acadasuite coding for young generation powers the creativity of kids and serves thousands of schools and educators, your child will spark new passions, build confidence, and have fun advancing their skills. Wherever they are on their tech learning pathway, we look forward to them joining our community of 600,000+ aspiring innovators!

We turn your child’s interests into real-world STEM skills. Our customized curriculum is developed in partnership with the top innovators and tech partners.