Subject/Courses: Biology

Experience in Years: 10 years



Subject/Courses: Government, Civic Education, and Social studies

Experience in Years: 4 years

My Portfolio A graduate of political science BSc (Ed). NCE holder. Ppl sci / SOS Currently a tutor at Emarid College boarding Igwuruta Port Harcourt.


Subject/Courses: Social studies

Experience in Years: 4 Years

My Portfolio Teaching


Subject/Courses: Social studies

Experience in Years: 4 Years

My Portfolio Teacher


Subject/Courses: Mathematics and Further Maths

Experience in Years: More than six years pedagogical experience of teaching mathematics and Further maths

My Portfolio Science Tutor with over 6 years of pedagogical experience and proven results Education: University of Abuja Experience: over 5 years I am a graduate of University of Abuja. I am an excellent tutor with over 6 years of experience. My teaching is always very interactive and participatory. I can aid improvement in no time. I have very great passion to impart knowledge to the next generation of engineers and scientists


Subject/Courses: Economics

Experience in Years: 9+

My Portfolio Economics Teacher


Subject/Courses: Maths, English and science

Experience in Years: 7 years

My Portfolio Thank you for visiting my teaching portfolio. My name is Oluwakemi Oluwakayode.I earned Bsc.(Hons) Biochemistry from Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba-Akoko Ondo State.I am an experienced teacher dedicated to teaching, a well skilled and hard-working teacher who complete and make every task given a success. I have great passion for teaching and heve been doing this for the last seven years. My passion is aimed at giving children many learning experiences by engaging, motivating and preparing an appropriate, balanced, challenging and creative curriculum which is essential for children's skills, knowledge and understanding. Here is a list of some of my skills Excellent communication skills (verbal and written) Skilled at listening, explaining and consulting. Strong analytical mind and hard-working Proficiency in Microsoft. Creative lesson planning. So if you are looking for a skilled teacher,then you are viewing the right profile.Interested?then have faith in me and give me a chance to make a positive impact. Thank you.


Subject/Courses: Mathematics

Experience in Years: 4

My Portfolio Computer Programmer


Subject/Courses: Economics

Experience in Years: 10+

My Portfolio A B.Sc. holder in Economics from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) and Diploma holder in Cooperative Economics and Management from the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Enugu achieving 4.45/5 and 3.56/4 CGPA performances respectively. An unrepentant believer in hard-work and excellence. A passionate lover of God and integrity. Teaching is my life, and teaching Economics is part of my greatest life's passions. It's one of the things I know how best to do. I have over 10 years of experience teaching Economics, working with many tutorial centres and other academic institutions and transforming the lives and destinies of many Nigerian students through student-centred innovation and improvision. I do not believe that any child is unteachable, and this explains why God has used me to transition many students from being behind their classes to taking the lead. Helping students discover their abilities and believe in themselves is the greatest weapon against poor academic performance I have discovered over the years. Take this from me: God, hard-work, openness to learning and useful network of friends are the sure tools for a successful life. Neglect any of them, and you will meet face-to-face with a life of struggling, bitterness and blame game. Think of a passionate Economics tutor, think of Boniface Ejikeme Itanwu! Thanks for your patronage!



Experience in Years: 5+

My Portfolio I am a graduate of English Language and Literature from Abia State University. I am very passionate about learning and teaching. As an undergraduate then, I love to learn new skills and look out for young minds that I will impact those knowledge to. That was my driving force to join a certain team in organizing lessons for students who are preparing for their senior and junior secondary school exams and also pupils who are preparing for their common entrance. When I got my first job as a librarian, I did not quit teaching as well. People kept requesting I assist their kids to learn and excel in exams which I continuously did. In 2017 I decided to make my passion formal by taking up a teaching job in a formal organization. And so far it has been awesome. The experience together with the passion is so outstanding. Being a very creative person, I engage the pupil in debates and presentations that bring out the best in them and that is what makes me fulfilled. I am highly motivated, adaptable and responsible that during my degree I successfully combined my studies with work and other commitments showing myself to be capable of working under pressure. I have a clear, logical mind with a practical approach to problem solving and a drive to see things through to completion.


Subject/Courses: Numeracy (Maths) for year 4

Experience in Years: 5

My Portfolio My name is Biodun Adeyeye, a qualified and certified numeracy teacher with 21st century proficiency. I have my BSc and PGD in Education from the university of Benin. I have numerous certifications like Child protection and Safeguarding, British Council certification among others. My goal as a teacher is to meet the need of my learners and help them advance their learning abilities.


Subject/Courses: Information and Communication Technology

Experience in Years: 16

My Portfolio IT professional and an educationist. 16 years teaching experience. NCE in physics and computer education. BSc in computer science. MSc in information technology. Teach ICT for IGCSE, computer studies and data processing for WAEC and NECO Programs in python, java, C, C++, HTML/CSS, JavaScript and SQL for database management. I have groomed students who have excelled in IGCSE, WAEC and NECO.


Subject/Courses: Maths, Economics, Commerce, Business Studies, Account

Experience in Years: 15 years

My Portfolio Teacher, Counsellor, Trainer, Consultant


Subject/Courses: English language

Experience in Years: 8

My Portfolio I am a 21st Century Educator with over eight years teaching experience. I teach and speak English language fluently. And I'm passionate about my profession.


Subject/Courses: English,maths, Economics, social studies etc

Experience in Years: 6

My Portfolio I am an experienced and well pacing teacher, I have taught and still teaching students across board. I prepare students for both junior and secondary west African examinations council(WAEC). I also prepare students for common entrance into national and international schools, like TOEFL , GCE, etc.


Subject/Courses: English Language

Experience in Years: 4 years

My Portfolio I am an experienced teacher of English Language with excellent proven results from students. I teach using the holistic approach in order to foster learning.


Subject/Courses: Biology and Chemistry

Experience in Years: 5

My Portfolio Sequel to the recent advert placed by the organisation for vacant teaching positions, I hereby apply as an online teacher in your unique educational institution in Nigeria. My name is ADESINA OLUWATOBI JOHN. I obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Animal Science from Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State and also a National Certificate in Education in Agricultural Education from Michael Otedola College of Primary Education, Epe, Lagos State. I have read the responsibilities attached to the position I found out that it clearly matches my area of expertise as I have performed such roles in my previous employments The nature of my degree, certification and experiences over the years have adequately prepared me for such role and task. I have a strong passion for teaching those subjects and have five years practical experience in teaching Chemistry and Biology from SSS 1-SSS3, GCE, WAEC, JAMB, IGCSE and National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) students with proven track records of outstanding success, external examinations inclusive. In the course of my five years teaching experience i have been able to: Prepared notes and conduct lessons which are typically taught through discussions, expositories, demostrations, projects, field works, educational visits and audio visual methods of teaching. Evaluated students progress through coursework, assignments, classworks projects, and examinations. Use appropriate instructional materials in delivering lessons in order to achieve predetermined objectives. Acquired sound classroom management, use of reinforcements and flexible use of reward and punishments. Produced four sets of Secondary School Students who sat for WAEC and NECO, five sets of students who sat for JAMB, three sets of University graduates and two sets of students who sat for IGCSE examination. All with good results and progress. I can communicate effectively and frequently with parents, students, and other staff members through verbal and written methods I have an excellent use of microsoft packages, teaching and presentation softwares. I look forward to discussing how my skills can add value to the team and the organisation. Best regards, Oluwatobi Adesina


Subject/Courses: Mathematics

Experience in Years: 10

My Portfolio I have been teaching General Mathematics and Physics since 2007 during my undergraduate period. With my ten years teaching experience in secondary schools as a Mathematics teacher, I always predict 90% accurately the topics and form of questions from WAEC, NECO, and UTME examination as a result of by making learning Mathematics interesting using different approaches. So, for six years now, my students have been having a good grades in UTME and WAEC General Mathematics examination My major style of teaching involved dividing my time into three, the first portion is for active learning, second for students centered method and the last portion for class activities. 1. Active learning, there is the stage I explain the topic by solving questions from simple to complex using the simplest approach. 2. Students centered, this is the method that allows the student to teach the teacher, with this method, I gave my students five to ten questions to solve and explain to me and other members of the class. This teaching approach is very effective because the child will gain more courage. 3. I used class activities as assessment for a group of students for further questions and understanding. Presently, I teach Mathematics and Further Mathematics at Nigerian Turkish(Tulip) International College where all my students have excelled in WAEC, Common Entrance Examination, Cambridge Mathematics, and SAT Mathematics Examinations I am the coordinator of Cowbellpedia and Olympiad classes. I also register and coach students for Cowbellpedia and Olympiad examination. I plan to use my unpublished two Mathematics textbooks and Cambridge Physics textbook to impart knowledge to your ward(s). Having prepared candidates for IGCSE and SAT exams, my experience coupled with my SAT MATH, Cambridge Mathematics and Cambridge Physics textbooks, it is sure your child(ren) will achieve 100% success in all Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry Examination both Local and International. Looking for that Mathematics teacher that will give your child the best, do not hesitate to call me.


Subject/Courses: Physics

Experience in Years: 5

My Portfolio I am a graduate of Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi with Physics Education. I have experience in teaching Physics and Mathematics,I have excellent knowledge of these particular subjects. I have thought in several schools across the country. I have knowledge handling British curriculum.


Subject/Courses: CHEMISTRY

Experience in Years: 6YEARS

My Portfolio I teach Chemistry from Junior class to Senior classes,intergreting both Nigeria and British curriculum . My philosophy is,''Education a necessity and not a want'' I believe in a child's learning style and the use of differentiation learning/assessment.


Subject/Courses: Further Mathematics

Experience in Years: 12

My Portfolio Senior Education Officer 1


Subject/Courses: Civic Education take home assignment for jss 1-3

Experience in Years: 21

My Portfolio Academic Administrator.


Subject/Courses: English Language

Experience in Years: 12 years

My Portfolio I have a B. A in English and Applied Linguistics. I have been teaching English Language and Phonetics for over 12 years. I am a content creator, editor, writer and a proofreader.


Subject/Courses: Phonetics

Experience in Years: Three years

My Portfolio Still in progress


Subject/Courses: Economics

Experience in Years: 4

My Portfolio Bsc in Economics and statistics. From uniben.


Subject/Courses: mathematics, english

Experience in Years: 5

My Portfolio potfolio


Subject/Courses: Economics

Experience in Years: 4 years

My Portfolio A friendly, understanding graduate of Guidance and Counselling with Economics. I love to see my students impacted via my coaching. I hope to meet you. Your success is my joy!


Subject/Courses: Physics and maths

Experience in Years: 14

My Portfolio Name: Isah Zubair Sex:Male Course: mechanical engineering Job: teaches physics, mathematics and further maths Years of experience: 14


Subject/Courses: Physics

Experience in Years: 4

My Portfolio Oluwaseun is a reliable, service focused professional and excellent teacher who is capable of multitasking and has a knack for building productive working relationships. He is passionate about helping others thereby creating an all-round satisfying experience. His self-motivation and job experience has afforded him the skill of using several learning tools to cater for the different learning styles preferred by learners. He would consider it a honour to utilize these skill sets for you.


Subject/Courses: History / Government

Experience in Years: 2 years

My Portfolio Mercy is a graduate of History and International Studies from University of Jos..she also loves to teach and wants every child educated. Learning about history is saving our world from crashing into the past